Green Roof & Earth Sheltered Homes & building systems Manufactured by Formworks Building, inc.

Setting the standard for green roof and earth sheltered technology

View our project photos!

View our project photos!

Formworks Building, Inc. specializes in the design and construction of energy efficient and off grid structures. We have developed a one of a kind, versatile building system that enables DIY homeowners and/or contractors to build with confidence.

Formworks structures are built from our patented building system components and have been erected throughout the U.S. and Canada. The structural forming system does not require any previous expertise to erect. This system was designed to be built by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Concerned about Rising Energy Costs? Global Warming? Forest Conservation? Air Pollutants and Allergens? Green space? The overuse of Fossil Fuels? Safety from natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes or Power Outages? Formworks’ beautiful custom homes address all of these issues. An immense amount of research and construction has already been conducted in order to create this modern green roof architecture that is popping up all over the northern hemisphere. Formworks’ designs are the most tested, tried and successfully proven system for earth sheltered, green roof technology. A Formworks home is unmatched in energy efficiency, comfort and security. As traditional homeowners are facing escalating ownership and operational costs, Formworks home owners are enjoying stability and peace of mind.

Formworks structures provide financial protection against the devastating impact of rising energy costs and ongoing exterior maintenance.

For around the same cost as a comparable wood frame home, you can protect you and your family, both physically and financially, with a home that will last for more than a hundred years.

So…why would you build anything else?

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Why Choose a Formworks Structure?

  • International manufacturer and supplier of our patented, easy to assemble, structural forming system.
  • Most experienced design-build professionals in the field.  
  • Provide custom design, engineering, pre-fabricated structural forming system and advice and guidance throughout the building process.
  • Competitive costs- comparable to those of a well built conventional home.
  • Unrivaled in strength and resistance to damage caused by natural disasters.
  • Up to a 90% savings on energy bills.
  • Solar and geothermal properties.
  • Long lasting and low maintenance.
  • Formworks’ unique steel-reinforced concrete thin-shell arch structures are also used to construct bridges, wineries, shelters and storage facilities.

Featured on Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY Network and Green TV.

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